Misplaced Music

Misplaced Music was founded in 2001 in Duluth, MN USA and over our 10 years we were fortunate to release some truly great music. The label is no more, but we have a new project, Loving Records.

A few of the releases can be a little tricky to find these days, but you could try Norman Records. They’re very helpful and usually have Misplace Music releases in stock.

The releases

Low/Vibracathedral Orchestra split 7"
Low / Vibracathedral Orchestra split 7″

Limited to 1000 with the first 500 pressed on white vinyl and the second 500 on black vinyl. Low kindly give us an exclusive track ‘David & Jude’, a live favorite recorded at Dub-Narcotic Sound System with Calvin Johnson (K Records, Beat Happening, Dub-Narcotic). On the flip side Leeds UK’s Vibracathedral Orchestra contribute ‘Stole Some Sentimental Jewellery’ a fine slab of improv/drone.

Hood - Photographers 7"a
Hood – Photographers tour 7″

Limited to 1000. The first 500 came with a unique photo, the remaining copies came blank so you can design your own Hood-style artwork. This 7″ includes three exclusive, non–lp tracks, recorded around the same time as 2003′s ‘Cold House’.

Simon Joyner / Two Dollar Guitar split 7"
Simon Joyner / Two Dollar Guitar split 7″

Limited to 500. Two Dollar Guitar feature Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley and here give us their very own interpretation of the ‘Stones ‘Last Time’. Simon Joyner has been quietly crafting some of the starkest, most beautiful records around. ‘Grapefruit’ has been reworked from its original version on the Room Temperature CD

Dakota Suite / Idaho split 7"
Dakota Suite / Idaho split 7″

Dakota Suite play lovely quiet songs which hint at Mark Eitzel, Red House Painters and Rachels and give us ‘Stole Some Sent. Since there inception in 1993, Idaho, along with Low and Codeine, helped founders of the slo-core movement.

Empress - Tea for Two 7"
Empress – Tea for Two 7″

Featuring sometime Hood singer, Nicola Hodgkinson, Empress are one of the most fragile, heart wrenching bands to have emerged from Leeds well, ever. A series of fine LPs and 7″s on 555 and Stephen Pastel’s Geographic imprint often got them compared to Low. This 7″ quite possibly better than anything they’ve done before.

The Declining Winter - The Future Sound of Hip Hop Parts 1 & 2
The Declining Winter – The Future Sound of Hip-Hop Parts 1 & 2 7″

Limited to 200 copies, with the first 50 copies coming with a bonus 3″ cd of remixes courtesy of Epic 45, Remote Viewer, Part Timer and Northstation. This first release from Richard Adams of Hood’s solo project, features contributions from Chris Cole (Many Fingers, Matt Elliott) and Chris Adams (Hood, Bracken, Downpour). This release is packaged in 100% recycled materials, coming from old unsold records, unwanted packaging and unused photos. The inner bags are made from partly recycled materials.

Hood - Singles Compiled 2xCDa
Hood – Singles Compiled 2xCD

Singles Compiled does just that and collects all the out-of-print singles between 1995 and 1998 .Due to the vast amount of material this double CD includes 15 previously unreleased tracks and an eight page booklet with liner notes by the band.

Hood - Compilations 1995 - 2002 CD
Hood – Compilations 1995-2002 CD

Part 2 of our Hood compilations fest gathers together all the rare and impossible to find songs released on various artist compilation LPs and singles. This really is a treasure trove of lost classics. 20 tracks that document all sides of the groups past, present and future plus a booklet with extensive notes from the band.

Time For Rodeo - So Toxic CD5
Time For Rodeo – So Toxic CDs

Limited to 300. Time For Rodeo are girl-boy duo including Lynn Hosein of the Insect Guide, who make music with hints of The Fall, a smidgeon of The Wedding Present plus a Thinking Fellers/Sex Clark Five lollop.

Charlie Parr - Criminals & Sinners CD
Charlie Parr – Criminals & Sinners CD

Limited to 1000. Charlie Parr is from the same Duluth, MN music scene that spawned the likes of Low, Blacked Eyed Snakes, If Thousands and Haley Bonar. His music delves deep into the back roads of American folk music. Recorded live to 2-track and previously issued by Shaky Ray Records of Duluth.

V/A - Misplaced Pets CD
Various – Misplaced Pets CD

Limited to 1000 and including exclusive tracks from the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Hood, Alasdair Roberts, Charlie Parr and Remote Viewer. All profits went to Leeds Animal Rescue Centre and Whitehall Dog Rescue.

Adrian Crowley - A Northern Country CD
Adrian Crowley – A Northern Country CD

Limited to 1000 and released jointly with US label Ba-Da-Bing! and Irish label Catchy-Go-Go. This gorgeous album of heartbreak and loss is filled with gently resonating guitar and mournful cellos that mix beautifully with Adrian’s warm expressive voice bringing to mind the bleak autumnal melancholy of Red House Painters, Nick Drake with the folky edge of Alasdair Roberts and Will Oldham.

Charlie Parr - King Earl CD
Charlie Parr – King Earl CD

Limited to 1000. This album of stunning simplicity was recorded live to 2-track in one evening in January 2004. Charlie’s rolling chords might often recall the melancholic brilliance of Nick Drake but his voice is ragged and raw and his song writing is heavily steeped in traditional folk, mountain music and the delta blues. The album is a veritable embarrassment of riches, from the good time bar room rag of ‘Union Tramp’ and ‘West Bank 10 String Rag’ to the haunting funereal qualities of ’1917′ and ‘King Earl’. It’s is an incredible journey through the back roads of traditional American folk music.

Gareth S. Brown - Iron Henry CD
Gareth S. Brown – Iron Henry CD

Limited to 500. Gareth S. Brown has also been a long time member of Domino Records recording act Hood. With influences as diverse as Eastern European folk music, funeral marches and jewellery boxes, ‘Iron Henry’ is a gorgeous work of layered beauty with nods towards Philip Glass, Terry Riley and Michael Nyman as well as latter day travellers such as Max Richter, Yann Tiersen and Aphex Twin.

Northerner - There'll Be Other Holidays CDep
Northerner – There’ll Be Other Holidays CDep

Limited to 200. Idlemoor, Bradford’s very own Northerner produces exquisite layered instrumental pieces influenced by Durutti Column, Labradford, Erik Satie, This Mortal Coil and Rachel’s. It’s gentle neo-classical evocations met with haunting electronic lullabies to create the perfect music for staring out of the window to on cold winter days.

Gareth S. Brown - The Gallows CD
Gareth S. Brown – The Gallows / Royal College O’ Surgeons 2xCD

Limited to 500. This song cycle of extraordinary emotion, power and precision strongly influenced by the likes of Michael Nyman and Phillip Glass. The first 50 orders received another CD entitled ‘Early Mammals’, an exclusive, numbered and hand stamped full length bonus CD, described by Mr Brown as “based on an idea by Brian Eno [...] that doesn’t sound anything like Brian Eno”.

Charlie Parr - Roustabout CD
Charlie Parr – Roustabout CD

Limited to 1000. Only three of these twelve finger-picked guitar and banjo tracks are traditionals arranged by Parr, but you’d never know it. The feeling, experience and sheer talent ranks Parr’s compositions right up there with the classics. It’s no surprise that he counts among his fans the illustrator R. Crumb and slow-core rockers Low. Charlie’s music has an appeal that spans genres. From old folkies, punks, soccer moms, indie kids to everyone in-between, the authentic voice and utter lack of pretence of the music speaks to everyone.

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